Case Studies
Method of Participation: with the activation of the codes via SMS and WEB, consumers participated for digital prizes (Instant)

Prizes: Digital (Instantaneous megabytes of 100, 200 and 500 in all country operators)

Optimization: Dynamic probability based on participation
Pepsi-Cola wanted to generate a massive promotion with more than a million prizes in megabytes of data for its consumers. However, it had a risk to waste prizes if the promotion did not have the expected participation. It also wanted to have digital support digital (bot) for customer service.

The proposal was accomplished by printing over 40 million screw caps with all the security mechanisms to prevent fraud. The promotion had two participation channels; SMS and WEB, where the latter interactively showed the participants how many prizes were available (through a Pepsi-Cola image that was being consumed) and they were motivated to continue participating. The GiveME dynamic probability algorithm was also included, which would oversee fine-tuning management inventory of available prizes.

The customer uncovered a Pepsi or 7up bottle to find a unique code.
The client participates in the promo by entering the code through the Landing Page or by sending the code through SMS.
Paso 2
The customer is notified if she/he was the winner of prizes (Digital Gift Cards) that could be redeem at the indicated establishment according to the legal bases of the promotion.
Paso 3
awards delivered
Massive participation, more than 5 million entries were received and more than 1 million prizes were awarded. Excellent echo form social media followers.
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