Case Studies
Method of Participation: the user wins an instant prize via the App when opening a bank account and making transactions.

Prizes: Digital

The Bolivian Bank (BCP) launched its digital wallet App called Soli a few months ago. Initially, they used digital campaigns to encourage app adoption, but they needed to reward loyalty and incentivize usage. One of the key elements of the project was the integration with GiveMe in a transparent way and without sharing sensitive information from the user base.

A campaign was carried out, where users who opened a digital wallet account and made transactions during the first month, would be rewarded with a 2Gb data package. Thanks to the obfuscation* system (where sensitive personal information is hidden) of the GiveMe, the platform gives total confidentiality to the transactions carried out through it and thanks to a one-way algorithm**, both objectives were achieved. We provided 24x7 technical support and at the same time guarantee the anonymity of the shared base. *The obfuscation process is what banks do with credit cards in which they hide the first digits of an account or card and leave the last ones as for example *****-*****-****- 2456. **The one-way algorithm is an algorithm that allows you to look up phone numbers in the database without having the number recorded.

The user downloads the app and installs it on their device.
The user makes a bank transfer greater than Bs.10
Paso 2
The user automatically receives the digital (200 MB data package)
Paso 3
It was possible to encourage the use of the new app through the delivery of digital prizes for the promotion.
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